Hilltop Arts LLC is a company whose purpose is to provide artisan products, support and services in the tri county area surrounding Pottstown, Pennsylvania.  Hilltop Arts LLC was conceived and established in 2010 and has developed an initial service offering of custom laser etching and cutting services.

Laser Etching/Cutting: Hilltop Arts LLC uses a CO2 laser machine to etch cloth, leather, wood, plastic, acrylic, glass, tile and anodized aluminum.  Metal objects, such as tools, can be permanently marked using additional materials that when hit by the laser, become bonded to the metal creating a permanent black mark.  Softer materials like paper, leather, wood, plastic and thin acrylics can be cut to custom shape using the laser.


If you have an idea of a project that could use these services, please e-mail us at  dave@hilltopartsllc.com.


Si les gusta nuestros servicios y nos quiren contactar para un proyecto pueden llamarnos usando 610-764-1174. Nos pueden enviar un mensaje y le responderemos lo antes posible usando:  mara@hilltopartsllc.com


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